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Oxford Concert Party

One of the most entertaining, mould-breaking groups around.

 International Music Night 22 November 2018


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Oxford Concert Party is Europe's only Baroque and Tango Orchestra! Since our inception in 1992, we have played in concert halls, village halls, prison chapels, a prison courtyard, detention centres, day care centres, residential homes, school halls, churches and assorted other venues. We have played for entertainment, for therapy and always for fun.

We have seen people with Alzheimers' find their voices (sometimes literally), prisoners find some hope for rehabilitation and school children find bonds with older people.

"A decidedly unstuffy bunch of superb musicians ... Look out for them whenever your spirits need a lift."

The Daily Telegraph

"It's totally different, crazy and triumphant with a peculiar vitality."

BBC Radio

‘F*****ing great!’

Inmates, HMP Whitemoor